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This Spring, Go Green!

From the banks, take a look at spring’s reflection in Lake Geneva! Relax and enjoy the deck chairs lined up in front of Mont Blanc, like so many other enchanting resorts. Lose yourself! At the Tiffany Hotel, you are in the heart of Geneva, however, the city’s gardens do everything they can to make you forget! With the sun as your witness, go green this spring!
And discover, for example, the rare species that inhabit Geneva’s botanical gardens. Famous worldwide for over two centuries, the 28 hectares of land roll out their lush carpet and tickle your senses with beautiful flowers and exotic warbling birds.

Secrets of relaxation. Then, why not continue walking along the right bank until you reach the Perle du Lac Park? A link between the city and botanical gardens, the park will reveal the well-kept secrets to Genevan relaxation. Why not give laziness a whirl in front of Mont Blanc, just two steps away from the Palais Wilson!
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