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The Sound of Summer…

Summer is a true rhythm. It is a sunny beat that resonates in everyone who wants to fully enjoy everything the season has to offer. Peace, relaxation, discovery and sharing. You will enjoy so many simple pleasures while staying at the Tiffany Hotel and experiencing Geneva’s cultural events. And don’t forget to shake up your summer with the 2014 Summer Music Festival!
Listen to Touareg music as if you were in the Sahara, chime in with some “oh-yeahs” during Cajun songs, enjoy the beautiful sounds of the Balkans and relish in the jazzy voice of Cecile Mc Lorin. The summer music festival will enchant all culture and entertainment lovers. 
Ask for the program! Until August 20th, guests staying that the Tiffany Hotel will have the chance to witness all of the (good) musical vibrations of Balkan Beat Box, Charles Bradley, Piers Faccini, Moriarty, Charlelie Couture and Renan Luce in beautiful places throughout Geneva such as the city hall courtyard, Parc Lagrange and Victoria Hall.
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