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The Patek Philippe Museum

Geneva’s arty Quartier des Bains is home not only to your favorite boutique hotel but also to countless galleries perfect for whiling away the afternoon looking for that special something. But you may also want to make time to visit the very Swiss Patek Philippe Museum. Welcome to the land of bezels and crowns!

Just steps from the Art Nouveau charm of the Tiffany stands, discreetly, a famous Swiss institution that will reveal one of our greatest national traditions: luxury precision watchmaking. Inaugurated in 2001, the Patek Philippe Museum invites you to discover more than 2,000 pieces created before and since the firm was founded.

Time, suspend your flight. Indeed, time stands still in this collection of richly decorated music boxes, stopwatches, perpetual calendars, watches and clocks. The esthetics and the variety of ways time is presented will leave you in awe. And consider this staggering figure: the 700,000 or so watches produced by the firm account for just 1% of Switzerland’s total annual production.
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