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Little Pleasures in Life

Come on, let’s go! What do you say if we left all of our worries behind us and traveled along the paths of Geneva with a gourmet picnic in the backseat? We could take some time just for us and get lost a little in order to truly find ourselves. For us, the endless sky, secrets of the universe and joys of summer are waiting to be brought together.
We could rent a mini convertible and freely drive along the small country roads with the wind in our hair and a picnic basket in the backseat. We could also stop along a romantic beaten path of a Genevan vineyard. Then, we can enjoy the peace and quiet and even take a nap.
Endless summer. Before coming together in front of the vast universe, we could enter the CERN as collectors of extraordinary moments and make particles dance with our endless dreams and ideas. And who knows, we might have time to discover a few laws of the universe in one of the largest physics laboratories in the world.
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