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Like a Bonfire

If we were you, we would book our seats at the same time as our stay at the Tiffany Hotel and the day of, or rather evening of, August 9th look up in Geneva’s sky and wait for the first exciting summer blast at 10pm. The large fireworks display will jostle the sky…Like an enormous bonfire.
Yes, the sky will light up for an entire 55 minutes! Visitors sometimes come from afar to witness this spectacular performance. Therefore, to truly enjoy this amazing fireworks display, we recommend reserving your seats in advance to guarantee the best comfort and view of Geneva’s sky.
Enjoy the wonderful festivals in Geneva! Until August 9th, don’t miss all of the charm of Geneva’s famous festivals. Ferris wheel, rides for children and adults, temporary bars, free concerts and relaxing on the festive terraces, from the docks to the back alleys.
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