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High-Tech Tasting

New! At the bar of Tiffany Hotel, you can now taste some of our finest wines at your own will! Thanks to our new “wine tasting” system, you especially have the pleasure of tasting the wines which are to accompany your meals and evening drinks in the bar and the restaurant. Explenation.


Do you know about our wine collection at the Tiffany? A choice of 8 reds and 4 whites changing from season to season awaits your taste buds for their pleasure! You know that we have always had a particular like for fragrances, tannins and the best tasting vintage wines available...


Wine tasting at your own will. A wine tasting system has recently been opened at the bar. Our high-tech enoteca, preserving all the taste and freshness of the wine, allows you to take the wine from the bottle and serve yourself directly! With only a personal card with a certain amount of credits, you may enjoy our wine selection at your own rythm during your stay in the Hotel.

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