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Bathing in Art at the Tiffany Hotel

Warning: Large art movement in Geneva this season! Arty guests are thrilled by the Nuit des Bains at the Tiffany Hotel taking place on September 12th! Do not miss this grand artistic event, which is conveniently scheduled in the same neighborhood as the hotel!
If you are a regular at the Tiffany Hotel, you know very well that the neighborhood of our boutique-hotel is remarkably full of places dedicated to contemporary art! Just a few steps away, sculptures, paintings, and creations await you during your strolls in Geneva!
Invitation to art. This time, you are invited to one enormous private viewing! From 6pm to 9pm, come and visit 14 galleries and 4 cultural institutions in Geneva, a land of art and creation. After, why not have dinner at one of the many famous places of Le Fooding movement nearby?
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