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Arty Geneva: La nuit des Bains

Is Geneva Arty? Absolutely! In the quartier des Bains, meaning the district of the hotel Tiffany, you’ll find a great number of galleries and sites dedicated to modern art. Three times per year, the Bobo-chic Geneva district is filled with celebrations during the famous nights of the Bains. Next editions of 2014 are programmed September 18th. Worth a visit!

This short (from 6 PM to 9 PM) night is the place to be for artists and gallery owners, dedicated to modern art. It is kind of a giant preview of all the district’s galleries. Therefore, all the art galleries of the district are open to the public.


A trendy event. Art amateurs will get all excited about the paintings, the sculptures, the pubs and the exhibitions in trendy restaurants. This arty event, that has become a cult, allows talking about art and music in one of the most attractive districts Geneva. Hotel Tiffany is a fan! Ask for the programme: 

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