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An Artistic UFO Lands in Geneva

… and sets up its extraterrestrial experiment! Come and explore the “Landscape” exhibit during the holiday season at the Galerie Guy Bärtschi (contemporary art gallery) while staying at the Tiffany hotel. Here, you will discover evidence of strange and fascinating experiments. Marina Abramović, a famous worldwide performer, takes us on an original artistic adventure!

“My life is a performance and performance is my life,” Marina Abramović announced, while expressing her strong artistic commitment. Come and discover “Landscapes” until January 17th and get to know an artist who could have just as well been an alien herself. Nothing is more obscure than this exhibit during the holiday season!

A new planet in Geneva? In discovering or rediscovering her work, you will get the feeling of exploring a new planet. Show after show, Marina Abramović takes us on a search for love and freedom that touches the audience and ask questions about the mind, body, and soul. Here, her complete works are displayed including auto portraits, half-length portraits, etc.

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